Monika Ostrowska

Director and founder of the GLAM bar Academy 

Monika has since young age always been willing to work and has had high ambitions. It all began when she started travel around the world. She has lived in cities like Shanghai, London and Hong Kong. Her career with lashes started in November 2014 and since then she has won alot of prices.

Monika is a international lash artist, teacher & judge. She has been trained by the world's best teachers, holds over 20 Master diplomas.

2016 she opened the GLAM bar Academy  and she developed herself to a own lash lift & brow lamination brand DREAM lift.

She is internationally recognized and trains other stylist.
She is a international judge on numerous championships.
A stylist for whom eyelash styling is not just a profession, but more a passion.
She loves this industry in all its facets and that is why she committed to it with her whole life.
She have a extra love for lash art 💖

She is the master teacher for exclusivelashes in Sweden.

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Moa Andersson

Master teacher in Gothenburg / Filipstad


My name is Moa I am from Filipstad and I live in Gothenburg,I started my journey in beauty industry September 2013 by studying to be a hairdresser and makeup artist. April 2017 I opened my first hair salon in Filipstad.I have since continued taken different beauty courses .Today I hold trainings  in lash lifting, eyebrow lamination,  single lashes, volume & mega volume and microneedling & bb glow. I love my job, to be able to make others more beautiful .And to now have the opportunity to teach my knowledge to others is truly an honor.I have a big visions and always wants to develop and get closer to her goals with quality and passion.


Jessica Björkman 

Master teacher in Gävle 

My name is Jessica and I live in Gävle.
I started my journey in April 2014 by studying to be a makeup artist and lash stylist.
I have since continued to educate myself in lots to have a broad knowledge and be able to offer most things.
Today I train in lash lift, brow lamination, basic education single lashes, volume & mega volume.
I love my job, to be able to make others nice. And to now have the opportunity to teach my knowledge to others is truly an honor. Really love our products, I have tested a lot of brands in lash lift but there is nothing that beats dreamlift.
Same when it comes to our lashes, unbeatable.

 Jennifer Örn 

Master teacher in Stockholm


 Jennifer has worked as a Lashartist since 2015 and is the owner of JennifersLashes. already as a child she had an eye for small details. She loves to create natural lash extensions. She has big visions and always want to develop and get closer to her goals with quality and passion.
In 2017, Jennifer came 3rd in the Swedish Championships in the classic category.
She has an extra love for classic lashes


Angelica Svahn

Master teacher Vallentuna

Her intrest in beauty and care dates back all the way to her childhood,where she often dig makeovers on her smaller siblings.

In 2018 she decided to finally educate herself in a profession she been intrested in for years. -Lashstylist. 
She got hooked at once and has since the taken multiple other courses , and today shes also got Hennabrows, Microblading, Browlift and Lashlift on her meny at her Salon in Vallentuna Svahns Fransar & Bryn. 
She loves to grow as a person and in her profession,helping others, educate and share her knowledge!


 Nathalie Poom

 Master teacher in Västerås


Nathalie has always had an eye for beauty and the creative, already as a child she was artistic and loved to paint and create her own designs. There was no doubt that she wanted to continue her carrier within beauty and choose a gymnasium where she could do that. When she graduated year 2011 she had diplomas as a spa therapist, nail therapist, make-up artist and hair stylist. During her studies, she was a top student and even won a few competitions in make-up. 2013 she started studying to become a lash stylist within single, volume and mega volume, short thereafter she decided to broaden her knowledge within lashlift and browlift. Except being creative herself she has also always loved to help and educate others. For this reason, she chose to educate herself to become a teacher year 2018. Her studies are now finished and she works part time as a teacher at a gymnasium. When she is not teaching she is running her own business, a beauty salon called “beautybynathaliepoom”. 


 Kalthoum Barakat

Master teacher in Helsingborg

Kalthoum Barakat Lärare i Helsingborg

Year 2007 Kalthoum studied to skin & spa therapist and finished in 2009. Since then she has continued to upgrade her knowledge and taken courses in eyelash extensions, permanent makeup, laser hair removal and more advanced treatments, abroad and home in Sweden. Today, Kalthoum focuses a lot on eyebrow treatments such as permanent makeup, henna coloring and brow lamination, something that has grown in popularity lately. She has a great passion for art, shape & color. Since childhood she’s always been artistic. She loves to draw, create things and she made the opportunity to practice it every day through her work. Today, she runs Reborn Avenue, a well-established salon located in the heart of Helsingborg. At the clinic, Kalthoum has two therapists, a doctor, a nurse and a hairdresser. This has allowed Reborn Avenue to offer a very wide range of treatments.